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Millennial and First-Time Donors: the Secret to RENEWing the Arts

Millennial and First-Time Donors: the Secret to RENEWing the Arts

The research is in: millennial and first-time donors are a key source of renewed support for nonprofit arts companies like Heartland.  In response to the statistics, Heartland’s reaching out to these two groups during the RENEW spring match campaign, inviting them to join our loyal long-time donors in shaping the future of vocal arts education and performance.


What makes us say so?  Both millennials and first-time donors to an organization not only give generously, they often give more over time to causes and organizations they believe in.  We think that’s pretty inspiring!


Consider the 2013 Millennial Impact Report, sponsored by the Case Foundation and Achieve.  It shows that millennials are the future of nonprofits because:

  1. 87% of millennials donated to at least one nonprofit in 2012

  2. 84% said that their preferred method of donating is via an organization’s website, so as nonprofits continue their shift to digitalizing donations, millennials are becoming a larger and larger source of support

  3. Support from millennials doesn’t just take the form of cash donations.  Seventy percent of millennials surveyed said that they’d be willing to help fundraise for nonprofits they believe in.  If they can’t afford to give, 46% of millennials said they’d be willing to ask their friends and families to donate.

  4. 73% of millennials volunteered for a nonprofit in 2012

  5. Their giving is social: more than 75% of millennials use their mobile social-media platforms to stay up-to-date with their favorite nonprofits, which means they help spread the word about the organizations they’re invested in.


One of the most important reasons that millennial donors matter for the arts is that more than half of them are interested in automated monthly donations.  Monthly donations allow for smaller donations to be made as installments on a larger donation, which appeals to donors who may be paying off student loans or buying their first homes.  It gives them a way to make a difference for the causes they believe in while still getting a start on the lives they want to build.  


That’s why we started our Coda Donors group: it provides an automated way to give consistently and to see your investment grow from one year to the next as you stay connected to the organization.  Our Coda Donors make all the difference for our educational programming, daily operations, and of course our fantastic concerts.


First-time donors are also vitally important to the long-term growth of the arts through nonprofits.  Take a look at the infographic Bloomerang put together about the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey.  According to the latest research, nonprofits can only grow if they’re inviting new donors to find out about and invest in their cause.  For Heartland, that means making sure that we’re reaching out to people who might not have heard about us yet but who are looking for opportunities to donate to the arts.  First-time donors are also likely to be interested in becoming monthly donors, and as we shared in our previous post, they’re also more likely to become more generous with recurring and one-time donations over time.

Heartland is reaching out to millennial and first-time donors during our RENEW campaign by reminding them that their impact on our mission will be doubled when they donate between now and May 31st.  We’re already well on our way to reaching our $100,000 goal, but we need your help to get there!  Share this blog post on your favorite social media platform and tell your friends about your favorite Heartland concert.  Encourage them to check out our educational outreach programs like Side-by-Side and Everybody Sing! Let them know about our upcoming Summer Institute and our vocal lessons.  Let them know that you believe in the mission that you’re supporting as a Heartland donor!

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