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#ThirtyOneinThirtyOne - Rachelle's Story

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#ThirtyOneinThirtyOne - Rachelle's Story

“When I grow up, I want to be a _________.”

The fill-in-the-blank sentence on the piece of paper wasn’t blank for long. Fourth grade Rachelle hurriedly scribbled in the space; it was the easiest answer in the world. She wanted to be a famous singer.

She dreamed of performing at sold out concerts, rubbing elbows with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, and being hounded by the paparazzi that's shouting, “Who are you wearing?”

To achieve this goal, hours were spent diligently memorizing song lyrics and mimicking the vocal riffs until I replicated the singer’s sound. Album after album piled up in my room. As my collection grew over the years, my musical taste changed (save for Christina Aguilera, who I will always adore). I started connecting with my music on a deeper level.

The messages that musicians conveyed through song took me by the hand and tangoed with my soul. Music was the friend that was always there for me. It celebrated with me in times of joy. It consoled me in times of hurt. It transported me to a whole other world I had never explored. It built the foundations of who I am as a person.

With this passion for music, I pursued a degree in Music Technology. The reality of the music industry opened my eyes when I began studying music business. Just over the last five years, the way we get our music and how musicians earn their living has drastically changed. It concerned me, and I wondered how feasible it was to make a living as a singer who was not classically trained. Back to the drawing board I went. And that’s when I found my place in music marketing.

There is comfort in the sound of my favorite songs that plucks my heartstrings in the most wonderful way. I wanted to share this feeling with others and became a strong advocate for musicians. Their messages have done so much for me that I did whatever I could to spread it to others. By sharing these stories of musicians and their artistry, I could help other people to experience the transcendentalism of music and repay musicians for the gift that they have given to me.

I’m sorry to disappoint fourth grade Rachelle, but sadly, I have yet to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. However, I think she would be ecstatic to know that music is still a significant part of my life. My life truly has been changed through song. Now, I’m working to return the favor.

- Rachelle Reinking, Director of Marketing


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