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Taking It Up an Octave – Part Three

Taking It Up an Octave – Part Three

For Heartland, “up an octave” represents more than the musical meaning of raising the pitch. It represents moving forward with our mission as a professional vocal ensemble to change lives through song. With a generous gift from Gloria Fink and the Fink Foundation, Heartland started the “Taking It Up an Octave Campaign” to establish a capitalization fund of $1.6 million. This fund will be used to hire a team of full-time professional vocal artists and support staff so that Heartland may enter the marketplace using a sustainable, revenue producing business model.

We invite everyone – patrons and lovers of the vocal arts and music – to participate in helping Heartland create a new performing arts industry standard. This blog series about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign is your tool to understand how your contribution will impact the future.

Part Three of this series explains how the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign will foster community cultivation. Communities give their members a sense of home, of belonging. Most of the time, they share a common set of values that translates in their actions personally and professionally. As members of the arts community, we view visual and performing arts as a staple in the local community’s well-being and integral to education. Another outcome of the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign is to unite people that advocate for the arts.

Professionals, from artists to actors, help those outside of the arts community to understand our passion for it. They are vital resources that pique people’s appreciation for arts and culture. In collaboration with one another, these professionals reinforce our tight-knit community and generate opportunities for outside businesses and individuals to seek us out.

As stewards of Northeast Indiana, Heartland will cultivate relationships with other regional communities strongly based in the arts. We will connect with businesses for concert sponsorships, and organizations and venues for performances around the region to create the potential for economic and creative growth. This level of community cultivation will bring Heartland and its current members into a positive light that will benefit our region in the years to come.

More people will be given the chance to experience the vocal arts and learn our mission of changing lives through song. By introducing this inclusive community across multiple cities and states, more people will be captivated by our passion and join us in advocating for the arts. Through the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign, we can make more people feel at home with the arts community.

If you would like more information about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign or would like to make a pledge, contact us at (260) 436-8080 or donate online here.

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